Friday Night Live is a Youth Club provided for young people aged between 10 – 14 by Kirkintilloch Baptist Church. The Youth Club is run by volunteers and also develops 15 – 18 year old’s with a Younger Leader Training Programme.

Our basis for processing private data is for legitimate purposes to administer and run the youth club.

Application Form

We collect member and parent private information on our online Member Application Form (paper copies are available). The form can be accessed from our website

Parents / Carers are asked to provide information to apply for membership for their child. Information requested: Name, Date of Birth, Address, Gender, School Year, School Attended, Parents Name, Parents Email Address, Parents Telephone Number, Name of further Emergency Contact, Contact number for further Emergency Contact, General Information, Medical Information that needs to be highlighted to FNL and a Photograph.

On the Application Form we request consent to take part in FNL activities, use of photographs for marketing (not uploaded photos) and permission to receive emergency medical treatment if required.

Cloud Based Subscription Service

Information collected on our online subscription service (Membermojo) is stored in a modern, secure, purpose-built Data Centre in the UK. Membermojo uses Cloudflare to provide best practice SSL/TLS encryption between the browser and the site. Access to member information is controlled to FNL administrators only. Administrators have current end-point protection and password control on any computers used to access information.

The cloud service does not sell, trade or otherwise transfer to outside parties’ member or Organisation information.

New application forms (August 2018) will include customisable data retention periods, addition of accepting terms to gain consent for storing member details and the ability to remove members data if requested.

Mailing Lists

Our mailing list sends emails to each member individually. A member receiving email cannot see other member addresses on the recipients list. We ask that a parents / carers email that is used in order for us to communicate directly with parents / carers.

Other Parties

We will never pass on any information to other organisations and parties without consent. Some parties we may pass information to are

  • Saltire Awards applications for Younger Leaders (completed through separate forms which are signed by parents and passed to East Dunbartonshire Voluntary Action (EDVA). Additional information is passed only includes number of hours the Younger Leader has volunteered. We will not provide information from our membership service.
  • Medical information to Outdoor Centres where accommodation and facilities are purchases. For trips, we have a separate sign up system where we will detail any information that is passed to accommodation facilities.
  • Medical information to emergency services if required in the event of an emergency.

Data Retention

When a member expires or asks to be removed from membership, these member details are stored and then archived at 3 months from the expiry date. This is an automatic process. A reason is required if manually archiving the records. Records such a payments or attendance is kept for 3 years. Any archived records can be deleted upon request of the parent / carer.

All members are required to re-apply every year as all memberships expire on 28th August. Automated reminders are sent 28 days, 7 and 2 days before the expiry date.

Every member is issued with a Photographic ID card which has Name and Photo printed along with an QR code used for registration. The QR code is only valid with an administrator name and password and can not be used if the card is lost. The photo is required so we can confirm identify of people entering the club.


Registration for events such as weekend away is now done through Membermojo. Data will be archived after the event date and then archived 3 months after the event. Records may be kept of names for planning future events. Names, ages and medical information is passed to the accommodation centre – this will be stated on the online application form.

Younger Leaders and Leaders

Leaders and Younger Leaders are asked to participate on online Doodle Polls for Scheduling and Planning Friday Nights. This uses email addresses only and each person ticks when they can attend FNL.

Leaders and Younger Leaders Names are entered onto an online spreadsheet used to organise each night. Only authorised leaders have access to this data.

Data Destruction

Any printed personal information is destroyed using a cross shredder. Data destruction of member records are destroyed inline with the process detailed above.

Subject Access Requests

Any parent / carer wishing to see the personal data stored can simply log into the system and view for themselves, using one factor authentication – their email address already provided. They will have to request to an administrator to have the data deleted.

Further Controls

Any device that data is downloaded on must have access security such as 4 digit pin, finger print recognition or password control and protected with current end point protection.

Any reports with private information will be securely protected with a password. Any reports created for membership analysis is completely anonymised to prevent identification of individuals.

New application forms for 2018/2019 will be created to ensure our privacy notice is clear for parents to understand at the point of sign up.

The scanning in devices which read the QR codes should be administrator devices or specific FNL devices to prevent unauthorised access to Members Private Data.

Leaders / younger leaders taking pictures is discouraged through our younger leader training and our planning meetings to prevent any photos / videos being posted or shared.